aspiring writer/artist. struggling for financial/emotional stability. pot smoker. whiskey drinker. english teacher who mis-spells things. 22. Berkeley, California native. currently living in sao calors, brazil.

any writing/photos i post are mine.

Takin Drugs && Cleanin Apartmets, that’s that shit I do like.

When the dust settles
& the Rivers run to shit
It all comes into focus
Like a bad dream or
One involving sex and a random aquantince
Sticking to the inside of your skull

Why can’t we remember the good dreams?

It could all be
Left to silent speculation
Bacteria breaking down cells
My words are wasteful
And fall on silent ears

For the women of the world who wander & look for love in all the wrong places
For the broken ladder, the missing spoke, the empty room,
For the beating heart and cracking feet, for the sun stamped skin,
I ask for nothing but your
I ask for nothing
But your erect spines
And attentive ears
All I ask for
Is the consolation of knowing
I am not alone

In this world we waver on so many edges
The serrated knife gnawing through skin
The burnt spoon
The broken heart
The layered truth
The lightbulb & the moth
In this life we live through so many wonders
It’s a wonder
We can even find the time to fill it with so much doubt
So much weary uncertainty
So many empty hates
When we all are full loves

Know this

Growing is not about
Knowing where you are going
But certainly
About not being afraid
To blossom

We don’t remember the good dreams
So the good days
May shine all the brighter